Update on the target images of animal-free research

The National Committee for the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes (NCad) stimulates the development of animal-free research. One of the ways the NCad does this, is with target images.

These target images describe how animal testing can be reduced whilst the quality remains the same or even increases. The images are developed by several scientific fields. The most recent target image is that of Immunology. In March of this year, we posted an article about the target images. So, it’s about time for an update.

Target image: (post)academic education

Daniela Salvatori is a Professor at the University of Utrecht. She sees many opportunities to reduce animal testing in (post)academic education. One opportunity is training the expert in using animal-free methods. For more information we invite you to watch this clip or feel free to contact Professor Salvatori at d.salvatori@uu.nl.

Target image: cardiovascular research

Robert Passier is a Professor at the University of Twente. He explains that the use of new methods and technologies are important for the future of animal-free research. The University has a lot of contacts in the cardiovascular field. Together they developed valuable advices. The next step is to take these advices and, in cooperation with the NCad, bring them into practice. For more information we invite you to watch this clip or feel free to contact Professor Passier at robert.passier@utwente.nl

Target image: vocational education

Ronald Vlasblom is a teacher at the Hogeschool of Utrecht. He is narrowly involved with the target image about the vocational education. Students are made aware of the future of animal-free innovations. Techniques are being refined and there is a great increase of biological data. Ronald explains more in this clip. For more information, feel free to contact Ronald at ronald.vlasblom@hu.nl.