Cookies are small text files that are saved to your computer when browsing through websites. Cookies make your computer detectable for future visits.

Which cookies does NCad-English use?

Cookies for statistics and research purposes

NCad-English makes use of cookies for website statistics and research, in order to gain insight into the manner in which visitors use the website. This information helps us to improve our website. These 'analytical cookies' have a unique number. They do not contain personal information. Consequently, NCad-English cannot use them to recognise you or track you when you visit other websites. The anonymous information is only used for the purpose for which it was collected, namely to improve the website. It is not made available to third parties.

  • Cookie approvalforcookies: remembers the cookies settings and prevents cookie pop-up windows from appearing over and over again.
  • Cookie_pk_id: determines whether the visitor is new or returning (for visitor statistics registration).
  • Cookie_pk_ses: helps to determine which pages were visited during a visit (for visitor statistics registration).

No cookies

If you want to block all cookies, you have to adjust the settings of your internet browser.  The website provides information about the settings of the most-used internet browsers.