Targets images on animal free research

Target images on animal-free research describe clear transition objectives for each research domain aimed at reducing the use of laboratory animals with equal or better research quality. This requires a different way of thinking and working and releasing animal testing as a "golden standard". By creating and realizing an ambitious target, each research domain takes its responsibility to accelerate the transition to animal-free research.

The approach with target images is part of the NCad recommendation "Transition to animal-free research", and is also included in the objectives of the Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals (TPI)

Various parties commit themselves to a strategy aimed at the (ultimate) realization of animal-free research with a target image. It requires a well-considered approach that starts with an analysis of the most important tasks in the relevant research domain, and the opportunities and possibilities for non-animal innovation. In addition, knowledge from other (research) disciplines is used.

Target images are drawn up from a dialogue with and between the various social groups, including patient and animal interest organizations, and the scientific field, including transition / innovation experts. This must result in transition goals that are both ambitious and realistic. Maintaining equal or improving research quality is the guiding principle. A description of the requirements for achieving these transition goals forms part of the objective.

Within the domain of fundamental scientific brain research, a first start has been made with the concept of target image as the basis.

The NCad notes that many research domains have responded positively to the NCad concept of Targeting Animals for Animal-Free Innovation and is committed to helping these research areas further on their way. For example, a start has recently been made on setting a target for non-animal innovation in education.

Do you have ideas that may contribute to the start of new target images? Or do you want to start with a target image for your research domain yourself? Let us know: