Good visited symposium on Synthesis of Evidence in the European Parliament

Synthesis of Evidence does not automatically leads to minimize the use of laboratory animals, but it will lead to better research. Synthesis of relevant literature and expertise before research commences helps to choose the most relevant model and the correct experimental design, prevents unnecessary duplication of research and gives transparency. That’s important for all kind of research, but extra important when animals are involved. That was the conclusion at the good visited international symposium. ‘Phasing out animal experiments, the next steps: applying openness, scientific justification and transparent reporting’. The symposium was organised by the NCad and took place in the European Parliament  in Brussels at December 8, 2016. In the afternoon there was the first meeting of a working group  to develop an international Code of Practice Synthesis of Evidence. The PowerPoint presentations held at this symposium are published here.

Symposium EP dec 2016