NCad opinion on 'Genetically modified animals, part 2'

In August 2018 the NCad has issued part 2 of an advisory report on genetically modified animals, which sets out specific quality and efficiency criteria for bringing about a reduction in the numbers of animals 'died or killed in stock'. These criteria also serve as a guide for taking properly justified decisions. Hence, this advisory report does not address the fundamental question of whether GM animals should be created and bred in the first place.

In 2015, the Netherlands National Committee for the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes (NCad) issued part 1 of the advisory report regarding the reduction of the number of genetically modified (GM) animals in the category of 'Died or killed in stock', with a particular focus on fish and mice.

The first report stated that successive technological developments are taking place at an ever-increasing rate and that 'genome editing' techniques could, to a large extent, replace the traditional transgenic methods. This supplementary advisory report was issued by NCad in order to improve the quality of the generation and breeding of genetically modified animals in the Netherlands. And make all parties concerned aware of the specific, defining moments at which it is possible to reduce the number of animals killed before they are used in breeding or animal procedures.