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  1. Video Targets images on animal free research

    Video | 04-11-2020

  2. EURL-ECVAM report Recommendation on Non-Animal-Derived antibodies

    Report | 01-10-2020

  3. NCad policy advice related to EURL-ECVAM Recommendation on Non-Animal-Derived antibodies

    Publication | 01-10-2020

  4. Presentation NCad and TPI

    Video | 26-08-2020

  5. NCad advise Careful weighting of methods for identification and genetic characterization.

    Publication | 30-07-2020

  6. Careful use of fetal calf serum

    Video | 01-06-2020

  7. Guide to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in animal experimentation

    Continuing Professional Development applies to all staff who carry out procedures on animals or design animal experiments. The ...

    Publication | 25-02-2019

  8. NCad opinion on 'Genetically modified animals, part 2'

    In August 2018 the NCad has issued part 2 of an advisory report on genetically modified animals, which sets out specific quality ...

    Publication | 08-08-2018

  9. Motivation by restriction? Starting points for controlled fluid and food intake in neurocognitive research from a 3Rs perspective

    For neurocognitive research, experiments are performed, whereby animals must perform activities to obtain an insight into the ...

    Publication | 11-06-2018

  10. Abstracts submitted at World Congress

    Abstracts submitted by the Netherlands National Committee for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (NCad) are ...

    Publication | 22-08-2017