NCad's mission and vision

The NCad was appointed for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes and for education. The Committee has a broad, substantive and executive role.

The NCad achieves visible improvements that are specifically related to the Replacement, Reduction and Refinement (3Rs) of animal procedures and the ethical review of laboratory animal use in scientific research and teaching. This helps to minimize laboratory animal use, and to accelerate scientific developments.

Given its expertise, NCad is a key player in the area of animal procedure policy. The NCad brings parties together and shares knowledge with a view to furthering the development of laboratory animal policy and the implementation of the 3R policy (including ethical review). This is based on the NCad’s meticulously substantiated advisory reports (and policy advisory reports).

The NCad provides access to nationally and internationally available knowledge in the area of the 3Rs and with regard to the ethical acceptability of animal procedures. Thus, it paves the way for a responsible animal procedure policy for all concerned in the Netherlands.

The NCad launches initiatives to promote innovation, as a result of which it achieves tangible results, both at national and international level.