Activities and operations

The NCad commenced operations on 18 December 2014. NCad aims to make a significant contribution to minimizing laboratory animal use, both at national and international level. This will involve giving advice, exchanging knowledge, and developing national and international networks. The ethical review of animal procedures is of pivotal importance in this regard, as are the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) in this context.


The NCad will achieve this goal, in accordance with its statutory mandate, by:

  • submitting solicited and unsolicited advisory reports to the Minister of Economic Affairs (EZ), the Central Authority for Scientific Procedures on Animals (CCD) and the Animal Welfare Bodies (IvD) regarding the acquisition, breeding, housing, care and use of animals in procedures, as well as about alternatives to animal procedures;
  • disseminating best practices for the use of animals in animal procedures;
  • exchanging information with the national committees of other Member States about the IvDs’ performance, about the assessment of project proposals, and about the dissemination of best practices within the EU;
  • encouraging the development, validation, acceptance and use of alternatives to animal procedures, both at national and international level;
  • supporting communication with (and between) professionals in the field of animal procedures and alternatives, and communicating details of animal procedures and alternatives to the public.

Supported by a secretariat

In the performance of its duties, the NCad will be supported by a secretariat consisting of:

  • Ferry Braunstahl - general secretary
  • Leane van Weereld - secretary NCad / senior policy advisor
  • Elmar Theune - senior policy advisor
  • Bea Zoer - senior policy advisor